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Shaping the Academic Environment for Summer Visiting Students

  • Maria Lettiere
  • Natalie Kokorudz


Summer visiting students comprise a small but sizeable student group for some colleges and universities. Given this, what do schools need to know to guide and advise this group of students? This article emphasizes models of summer sessions structures based on the experience of two urban universities and how they developed processes to help visiting students connect with university resources. Structures allow staff to standardize admissions and interactions with visiting summer students, using best practices and strategies for success. This article also focuses on ways to implement advisory and guidance systems within a school by highlighting admission, enrollment, and curriculum procedures.

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Lettiere, M. & Kokorudz, N., (2015) “Shaping the Academic Environment for Summer Visiting Students”, Summer Academe: A Journal of Higher Education 9. doi:

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Published on
14 Dec 2015
Peer Reviewed