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Unleash the Beast: Promoting Summer Sessions Using Guerrilla Marketing

  • Caitlin Huntley


Despite record summer enrollments in 2011 and 2012, Georgetown Summer School anticipated a drop in enrollments in summer 2013 because of both external and internal challenges. The usual marketing strategies utilized precious financial and personnel resources. For 2013, the Summer School staff and marketing team sought new and creative marketing strategies that would connect directly with prospective students at a low financial cost. For the Summer School, a guerrilla marketing approach was implemented that embraced technology and social media as well as pop culture. This marketing approach was a refreshing addition to our strategies and garnered attention from students in a new way. The overall financial cost of the guerrilla-marketing approach was just 6% of the total marketing budget. Enrollments increased in undergraduate language institutes as well as among specific student segments. The guerrilla approach used in 2013 is being used today, which highlights its sustainability.

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Huntley, C., (2015) “Unleash the Beast: Promoting Summer Sessions Using Guerrilla Marketing”, Summer Academe: A Journal of Higher Education 8. doi:

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Published on
19 Jan 2015
Peer Reviewed