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Applying Data Mining and Google Analytics to Student Recruitment Marketing

  • Jamieson Bilella


With higher education administrators facing strained budgets, summer administrators continually seek new, innovative, practical, and cost-effective means by which to efficiently manage their limited allocated resources. Applying the techniques and methodology of marketing analytics can provide summer session administrators with the ability to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and quantitatively identify which media are delivering better results, higher yield, and more conversions. These findings can then be applied when negotiating ad buys, developing a marketing plan, and allocating budgets for the right media mix. Data mining and data analysis are key tools for data-driven decision making. By applying data mining and analytical tools and techniques, administrators can be more successful in raising their enrollment or, at the very least, maximizing the impact of their marketing message and the return on investment of their marketing dollars. One key tool is Google Analytics. This article provides a practical examination of this approach, utilizing data mining techniques coupled with Google Analytics in student recruitment marketing for summer and winter sessions.

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Bilella, J., (2013) “Applying Data Mining and Google Analytics to Student Recruitment Marketing”, Summer Academe: A Journal of Higher Education 7. doi:

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Published on
07 May 2013
Peer Reviewed