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Reading: Implementing a Successful Winter Session


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Implementing a Successful Winter Session


Sarah Harkness ,

Elizabeth Laves,

Bill McClure


As higher education institutions strategize opportunities to improve student access to courses, increase student retention, enhance pathways to graduation, provide additional compensation for faculty, and add new institutional revenue streams, implementing a winter session should be a primary consideration. A well planned and implemented winter session will benefit students, faculty, and the institution, and can be added to the institutional academic calendar with very little operational cost. The goal is to create a winter session that is the best fit with the institution’s strategic needs and policies. Utilizing three case studies, this article gives insight into how to plan, implement, and maintain a successful winter session.

How to Cite: Harkness, S., Laves, E., & McClure, B. (2015). Implementing a Successful Winter Session. Summer Academe: A Journal of Higher Education, 8, None. DOI:
Published on 19 Jan 2015.
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